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用CAusE sD .to Do sth造一个句子

She cause me to do homework

cause sb后面接to do。 cause表示“使”或者“迫使”的意思时,一般接不定式的复合结构作宾语。注意不要受动词 make 的影响而用错句型。 例句:The vibration during operation often caused the nuts to loosen. 机器运转时的震动常使螺母变得松动...

cause sb to do sth 使某人做某事 cause sb to do sth 使某人做某事; 例句: 1. What's an investor to do? 投资者该怎么做?


1. The earthquake caused great damage. 地震造成很大损害。 The dirty water causes his stomachache. Bicycles do not cause air or sound pollution. 自行车不造成空气或声音污染. 2. The vibration during operation often caused the nuts...

cause sb sth. 给某人带来,惹来。 例如:I feel sorry that I caused you trouble. 和抱歉给你添麻烦了。 = I feel sorry that I caused trouble to you.

cause 一般是引发不好的结果,例如:traffic causes long delays on the freeway.拥挤的交通造成高速公路上的长时间延误/ cause sb trouble, problems,inconvenience 给某人带来麻烦 还有 经常考试的搭配:cause sb/sth to do sth produce 可以...

cause 作为及物动词,它的句型是: 1. cause sth. 如: The fire was caused by his carelessness. 这场大火是由他的粗心引起的。 2. cause sth. to sb. 如: He caused a lot of trouble to his parents. 他给他的父母带来了很大麻烦。 没有caus...

cause sb to don sth..

to do 和doing的用法区别 stop to do 停止,中断做某事后去做另一件事。 stop doing 停止做某事。 They stop to smoke a cigarette. 他们停下来,抽了根烟。 I must stop smoking. 我必须戒烟了。 典型例题 She reached the top of the hill and...

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