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用ComE to造一个句子

come to(共计,苏醒),come up with,造句As spring advanced, the flowers in the seed ranch began to come to life.春深了,苗圃里的花草又苏醒过来了。Can we come

用come to life造几个比较简单的句子,谢谢come to life:苏醒过来,有活力,活跃起来。In a few minutes, the patient came to life.In front of strange people, she

come to翻译为构成造句in the margin在空白处 Pleas note in the margin. get to know(去)认识(某人) I have to get to know all my

用come to undesdand造句造句如下:1.I think I have come to understand the significance of your work.我想我已渐渐了解你的工作的意义。2.I will

用come to do怎么造句呢 谁能回答???He comes to vist me once in a while。如果我的答案对您有所帮助请给个好评谢谢

come to ]oneself 造句要写中文1.恢复自制力Don't worry about his obstinate refusal to cooperate; he'll come to

come to有涉及的意思吗?造几个句子看看The house came to him when his parents passed away.父母过世后,房子就归他了。5.达成 They have come to a decision.他们

用词组“come to”组成的句子come to 英 [kʌm tu:]美 [kʌm tu]苏醒;到达;共计;突然想起 You must come to lunch with us 你一定要来

用come to consist in add to各造一个简单句子i come to shanghai

用to come造句You ought to come here你应该来这儿

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