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be worry about什么意思about,表示“担心……”,可以等于be worried about,这里的worried是形容词词性,因为前面可以加be动词,也是“担心……”的意思。

worry about 和 be worried about 有什么区别③I'll not worry about it. I'll let nature take its course.我不再为此事发愁了,顺其自然吧。2.be worried about 释义

beworriedabout对某事或某人感到担心,焦虑:牵挂比如:i am worried about you!我非常担心你!your parents

be worried about是什么意思为…忧虑,烦恼的;例句:1.Stifling is just about the last thing this market needs to be worried about.扼杀是这个市场最不

求解be worried be worried about与worry about区别 到_百 没有be worried这种形式,就是be worried about和worry about,他们的区别为:意思不同、用法不同、侧重点不同。一、意思不同 1.be worried about意思:担心;为

be worried about1) be worried about = worry about 意思是:担心2) 你的all放错位置了,all要放在be动词、助动词、情态动词后面,实义

be worried about 和 be worried of区别只有be worried about是正确的。偶尔你会在报纸看到be worried of. eg. teenager girls are worried of being pregnant. 这属于

be worry about后面动词的形式be worried about后面动词用ing形式 因为about 是介词,介词后的动词要用ing形式 如 He is worried about speaking English in

worry about与be worried about的区别你说的很正确,worry about 是动词词组,而be worried about 中的worried是形容词,表示状态。比如:he is worried about his son

beworried about后边加什么词be worried about , 后面加名词或动名词doing,因为about是介词

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