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must have done sth造句?You must have seen her if you had been here yesterday.要是昨天你在这里,你一定见到他了。(实际上昨天你并不在这里,所以

造句:must加haue加p.pI didn't hear the phone,I must have been asleep.(我没听到电话响,那时我一定是睡着了)must have+P.P是表示对过去发生的

用must,have to造句 两个肯定句 两个否定句 一个一般疑问句肯定句:there is an apple on the table 否定句:there isn't an apple on the table.一般疑问句:is there an apple on t

must的用法及造句must keep the law.人人都要守法。The last train has gone.We’ll have to walk home.最后一班车已经开了,我们得走回家了。

must和have to的区别和语法和例句最简单的区别方法:must 表示主观上的“必须”,例如:you must do as you are told.have to

主语+must+have+been+过去分词 造句!The car must have been repaired .

must造句must be hungry.can i go with you?i couldn't have caught the bus but for your help.may i come in?they might disclos

must +have +done造句,一句要超过20个英文字尽量使用I noticed that he did not wear a watch and realized that he must have lost it on

用must,have to造句 两个肯定句 两个否定句 一个一般I must do my homework.I have to clean my room.I must not disturb the lesson.I

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