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谁帮我翻译一段医学英语 英译汉几项试验研究的证据表明,即使是轻微的新陈代谢酸毒症也会对整个身体系统造成影响。酸毒症是因为内分泌的改变而造成的,并会对


iga肾病如何治愈?progressive renal disease and extensive crescents, but again this is not evidence based because of the lack of randomized control trials

关于霍乱的英语文章关于霍乱的英语文章只要100字最好to break the cycle and acute renal failure usually in the light from rare,truffles are more,but

以人的精神和身体健康为题写200字的英语作文and triple in end-stage renal failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cerebrovascular disease.Depression almost doubles

从基础到临床的国外经典医学教材有哪些?Fishman's Pulmonary Diseases and Disorders High-Resolution CT of the Lung:这个网站上还有更多别的

当代年轻人为什么尿酸会高?Is there a pathogenetic role for uric acid in hypertension and cardiovascular and renal disease

如何预防糖尿病的慢性并发症?PH, et al. Increasing incidence of proteinuria and declining incidence of end-stage renal disease

国内顶级医学院校都使用哪些教材?心血管病理生理学 Pathophysiology of Heart Disease,2015.6e.480p.LWW、肾脏与水电解质紊乱 Renal and Electrolyte Disorders,2017.8e West'

急!!!求分子生物学方面的英文论文及其翻译!最近两年的heavy possibly appears the pouch growth exceptionally withthe renal failure (Meckel- Gruber syndrome). 3 kidneys maldevelopment

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